Uncovering the Truth: How to Identify Original Cartoons from Copies

In today’s world, it can be difficult to know whether a piece of artwork is original or just a copy. This problem is not limited to just one field but exists across all artistic disciplines, including cartoons. As a cartoon artist, you may have clients who ask if your work is original or not, and it can be frustrating to know that your work is genuine but have to convince others of its authenticity.

Here are 5 solutions to help identify original cartoons from copies:

  1. Research the artist and their previous works to see if the style and content are consistent with their past creations.
  2. Use reverse image search tools such as “images.google.com” to see if the artwork appears on other websites or has been copied from another source.
  3. Ask the artist for proof of their original creation, such as sketches or progress images.
  4. ask the artist to make a significant change, such as altering the face or a body part like the hand. By requesting this change, you can then assess if it is in harmony with the style of the work or not. In most cases, if the change is not consistent with the original style, it may indicate that the artwork is not authentic.
  5. Use online forums or social media platforms to ask for feedback from other artists or art enthusiasts, who may be able to offer their own insights and opinions on the originality of the artwork.

By following these solutions, you can help identify whether a cartoon is original or a copy, and ensure that you are investing in genuine artwork. As a cartoon artist, it’s important to be transparent with your clients and provide evidence of your original creations. By doing so, you can build trust with your clients and establish yourself as a credible and trustworthy artist.

So, whether you are a cartoon artist or a consumer looking to purchase authentic artwork, remember to do your research and use these solutions to help uncover the truth behind the artwork’s originality.

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